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Now I know why those websites annoy me.

Have you ever been annoyed when you know what you want the password for a site to be, but the web designers tell you that is not a valid password because it is the wrong length, or doesn’t have capital letters or special characters or something?  And then you try to come up with something, and then you forget what silly thing you had to do to make the password “legal”.  I think I’m smart enough to make my own passwords, thank you.

I like this.

The world changes too fast

Here’s a post from Wired magazine that is similar to the annual professor lists of the historical events that we share, but that happened before our students were born. These are some of the technologies that no longer exist (but that we thought were cool). I actually remember 24″ data packs that held (wait for it) 5MB of data. Must have weighed 10-15 pounds each. I also remember when you needed to not only know the email address of your recipient, but also the internet nodes along the way to that person. So email addresses got long and complicated.